We proudly offer a 10% discount to all active duty Military and Law Enforcement with ID. Thank you for your service!

There could be surcharge for colors that we do not regularly keep in stock, we stock well over 75 colors.

This price list is for a general idea of our prices. All projects will be priced on their specifications. Please contact us with exact build/paint specs for hard pricing. Pictures of your items could be required for a understanding of what needs to be coated and give you a more accurate price.

Visit How to Order for information on the job process. This form has to be shipped with your item as well as a government issued picture ID.


You can buy all of your parts from us and have the painted before you receive them. If you have that certain build in mind let us know. All items can be painted and assembled before shipping or delivery of your firearm back to you.


We have accounts at all the major firearms wholesalers and will sell to you at normal prices, no premiums paid. Shop with us.

We are a dealer for JMAC Customs, CMMG, SLR Rifleworks, Brownells, Rainier Arms, and many others.We can sell most of the items on their website for their normal cost including Cerakote. 


We provide most gunsmith services and we can assemble your parts after paint. We do it right or it doesn’t leave our shop. Metal lathe and mill work services coming soon.


Complete handgun (1 color) $250, includes barrel and all small parts if wanted.

Slide only (1 color) $100
– Slide disassembly/reassembly $35

Frame only (1 color) $100
– Frame disassembly/reassembly $40

2nd color for two-tone or accents $40
Magazine base plate $10
Complete handgun disassembly/reassembly $60
Complete revolver disassembly/reassembly $100

Add on pricing are only with complete sprays. Stand alone pricing will vary.

HandgunS Camo:

Includes camo on slide, frame, grips and solid color on the components. This price could vary based on Camo style picked.

Complete handgun $400

Frame only $225

Slide only $175

Long Guns:

Complete Long Gun (1 color) $365
includes shotguns, shotgun pistols, AR/AK pistols & pistol caliber carbines (PCC). Rifle chassis will incur additional fees.

– 2nd color for two-tone or accents $40
– Complete disassembly/reassembly $90
– Scope (1 color) $150
– Scope Mount (1 color) $75
– Optic (Aimpoint, Eotech, etc. in 1 color) $110
– Bipod (1 color) $125
– Flashlight $110
– Forward grip $25
– AR/AK Magazine (1 color) $30
– Bolt or Bolt Carrier Group (BCG)  $75

Add on pricing are only with complete sprays. Stand alone pricing will vary.

Stripped Parts:
– AR upper or lower $100
– Hand guard only (including railed hand guards) $6 per inch
– Barrel only (1 color) $75 with Gas Block $100
– Barreled Action only (1 color) $175

Package deal:
– CLEAN Stripped Upper, lower, rail (1 color) $250

Long GunS Camo:

Complete long gun $525
Camo/pattern on large surface area parts only. This price could vary based on Camo style picked.

– Complete disassembly/reassembly $90
– Add all other components in a single color $125
– Add Grip in camo $50
– Add Scope in camo $275
– Add Scope mount in camo $125
– Add Optic in camo $200
– Add Magazine in camo $75
– Add Flashlight in camo $200
– Add Barrel w/muzzle device in camo $200

Add on pricing are only with complete sprays. Stand alone pricing will vary.

Package deal:
Stripped upper, lower, rail (camo/pattern) $400
This price could vary based on Camo style picked.


Handgun $60
Revolver $100
Long Gun $90


If you are disassembling the firearm yourself it must be accompanied by a full inventory list of parts. Also, please ensure that every pin, spring and screw is COMPLETELY disassembled.

We will not be held responsible for parts not fitting on firearms we don’t disassemble and reassemble.

Also, we have had tolerance issues on homemade firearms. If your firearm is homemade it is highly recommended the the completed firearm is shipped in for paint so that tolerances can be checked. This will add the disassembly/reassembly charge. Any fitting (metal work) needed will be priced at a rate of $60 per hour.

Your gun or parts must be cleaned before our shop receives them or a cleaning charge will be assessed at the standard shop rate.

CERAKOTE DOES NOT COVER POOR METAL WORK OR MACHINE MARKS. WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU WILL GET. We can normally fix any milling marks prior to paint if that service is requested.